JS Services

Work is easy when you have all tools around you!

Technogiq IT solutions focuses on providing industry best techniques on the basis of architecture and engineering with in-depth knowledge and proficiency building a dynamic application for our clients.

Focusing on Latest trend giving the best quality web development services like angular js web developer, js frameworks, js web services, web programming and making things adaptable for the customer by making it an contemporary technology by unleashing the power JS Technology.

Team main aim is to provide robust, highly interactive and data driven JS web applications with optimum quality standards to the users. We trained our experts in such a way to build rich website user interfaces & create a responsive single page web application using JS technological skills.

Our Agenda

  • Dynamic web application development.
  • Customization and maintenance.
  • JavaScript services API.
  • Internet rich application development.
  • Video and Audio portal development.
  • User interactive module development.
  • Custom widget development.
  • Extending functionalities.
JS service

Angular JS

Most widely framework in current scenario for web applications, Angular js is user friendly interactive web app, it’s one of the rich internet applications widely use across globe. Looking for assistance connect with us today!

Node JS

We create scalable website which amuse users. Technology advancement leads to development of unique concept of Node js API development its best for IOT web Application, Data Streaming and Real-time applications, Rich Web-portals and Ecommerce solutions.

React JS

One of the Highly scalable and powerful open source platform in Js framework. React JS helps complex software development easy with better user interface. Our developer are skilled in React js and provide error-free codes.

What we do

Angular JS

Technogiq is reputed IT Company that delivers the best Angular JS-based solutions to our customers. Angular JS based web app provides a solid and compact set of solutions to the userend applications.

Node JS

Technogiq creates user-friendly websites that attract our customers. Advanced technological knowledge leads to the built exclusive Node JS concept. API development is good for real-time applications and data streaming, web portals, web applications, and ecommerce solutions.

React JS

Nowadays, the JS framework is considered one of the most powerful and highly scalable opensource platforms for JS services. React JS offers an easier user interface that makes the development of complex software easier. Our React JS expert helps you to get error-free codes.

Vue JS

Technogiq will assist you to create product based in Vuejs which are faster, cheaper & smarter. We create real time application, Software portals, Data analysis, maintenance, customizations and consultancy.


Technogiq on demand dedicated expert for JS development providing best techniques on the basis of architecture and engineering with in-depth knowledge and proficiency building a dynamic applications for our clients. Our procedure is flawless and focusing on latest trend by making of contemporary technology unleashing the power JS.

Ember JS

The main benefit of ember JS is to give hassle free web application with rich interfaces and high flexibility in customization propels users and helps to increase their business prospects. Our experts following the coding pattern with sophisticated application features catering to the complex business needs for diverse industry vertical, making use of cutting-edge tools and latest technologies thus offering the best Ember JS development services.

3 JS

We create websites that use APIs and JavaScript libraries to build 3D animated computer graphics on web browsers. These websites are commonly known as 3 JS. It makes the visuals of your website easier to understand and this feature amuses users more. For more assistance with 3 JS, connect with us today.

React Native

At Technogiq, we provide app development solutions based on React Native. We help our clients to develop feature-rich applications. React Native is used to build applications for iOS, tvOS, macOS, Android, Android TV, Windows, UWP, and the web. It allows developers to use its framework with the capabilities of the native platform.

Pixel JS

Technogiq utilizes technology to get results by growing our customer’s business. We offer the best services in Pixel JS, its tags help to track third-party servers and collect data about customers and feature actions on them.