Discover Technogiq

We are a team of trained experts which are professional and highly motivated.
We work in agile and follow the best practices to deliver quality to our clients.

Quality & Agile Services

We follow Agile framework in our projects and work on latest set of tools and technologies. We believe in delivering quality to our customers within the timeframe and their budget.

Proactively Monitoring

Technogiq has a highly skilled team of developers which continues to strive for excellence in their work. Our dedicated team is available 24x7 as per the project need with a short turnaround time.


We focus on ROI based solutions. Our solutions not only help client expand their business, but also result in increased revenue and customer engagement. We believe in offering solutions at right cost.

Support System

Our support system is agile with a keen eye on providing solutions. The support system is available at each point during the project execution and works tirelessly to ensure smooth delivery.

Who we are !

Technogiq IT Solutions is Leading-edge Software solutions, IT, ITES, Saas based Development Company. We offer data-driven marketing and cloud based services for all types of start-ups as well as blue-chip companies to help grow their business. We use agile way of development for faster and smoother execution of projects, thus delivering robust software products in the shortest time to market.

Technogiq understand’s the importance of having an online presence for any new business or product launch for its clients and hence we motivated to start our operation in ITES/ IT/Saas/Paas and product development contributing startup and business founders achieve their goals by providing the technology they need for their ventures.

We provide a range of ITES services, including Graphic designing, Digital Marketing services, Customer support consulting and many more. Our team of experts is experienced and highly motivated to provide the best possible results for our clients. We understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and continuously strive to improve our services Project definition, concept and scope.

Our products are designed to improve the work-life balance and management of our clients, helping them to achieve greater success and satisfaction. Whether it's through our mobile application development services, our online ERP system, or our redirect tracker tool, we aim to provide solutions that make managing a business easier and more efficient. We understand that running a business can be stressful, which is why we strive to create products that help our clients manage their workload and achieve a better work-life balance.

Who Believed In Us

Our awesome clients we've had the pleasure to work with!